Speech Pathologists

Jan Johnson, MS, CCC-SLP Program Coordinator


Jan Johnson is co-owner of CRSO. Jan's work has combined administrative, as well as case management expertise in her role as Program Coordinator for CRSO. She has also served as Program Coordinator at the Center for Neuro-Educational Therapies, as well as Sacred Heath Medical Center's Brain Injury/Vocational Program, that was developed and coordinated by Jan. She has served on the Executive and Advisory Boards of the Brain Injury Association of Oregon, and is CRSO's primary liaison with clients and their families, clinical team, physicians, and adjunct professionals. As a Speech Language Pathologist, Jan's experience has been primarily in the area of managing cognitive deficits resulting from acquired brain injury, specifically memory and attentional disorders. She has published innovative instructional materials and has worked across all settings, including acute care, medical rehab, schools, and community reentry. Her Brain Injury Assessment Model has been published in the Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation.

Laurie Ehlhardt Powell, Ph.D., CCC-SLP


  Laurie has been a speech-language pathologist for over 30 years working with individuals with cognitive-communication challenges following brain injury. She enjoys collaborating with clients in developing their personal goals and strategies to achieve these goals. She also works at the Center on Brain Injury Research and Training, University of Oregon, developing and evaluating programs, products, and policies to improve access to services and quality of life following brain injury.

Sarah Knudsen, MS, CCC-SLP


Sarah has been with CRSO since January 2017. Her skills as a Speech Pathologist are utilized, not only at Community Rehab, but also at Springfield Schools. Sarah is highly motivated, energetic, and graciously spends her time at CRSO after school hours and during school vacations.

Sarah received her Masters from the University of Oregon. She currently collaborates with teachers in the Springfield School District and provides Speech/Language/Cognitive Assessments and interventions for the students in her care.